Orthopedic bunion corrector X2

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Are the bunions on your toes embarrassing? 

With this orthopedicbunion corrector, all tilted toes can easily return to their natural positions.

The bone is realigned and the posture of the foot is corrected. The effectiveness of this corrector is due to a correctly distributed support on the arch of the foot. The three arches are located on the arch of the foot, but also on the heel and the sole of the foot

Orthopedic bunion corrector X2


The corrector acts on 3 different points: the heel, the arch and the sole of the foot. It prevents plantar fasciitis and poor walking posture, which is essential for good physical health. 


It also acts on the hips, knees and legs. The corrector improves the posture and also reduces the pain felt in the back and legs. It also reduces pain caused by flat feet. 

This corrector supports three axes to immobilize the foot and maintain its balance. It also performs subtalar joint mobilization and prevents imbalance in the muscles and hips. The corrector also acts on the knees and corrects the bowed leg.

This corrector is recommended for the elderly and those who stand all the time. It aligns and corrects the toes.


  • FLEXIBLE for all sizes                                     


  • 1 * pair of orthopedic bunion correctors  

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