Oil-resistant wall sticker

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Cleaning the kitchen is a real chore? 

Greaseproof stickers help keep the kitchen clean by protecting countertopsfrom oil and easily removing spills and grease. They insulate your kitchen countertops and walls from stubborn stains.  

Incorporate it inside drawers, cabinets and shelves to keep dust from accumulating. It's easy to put on, just cut and stick.  

This wall sticker is super durable and convenient, it is able to withstand temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius and can be used for a long time without warping. To clean it, just wipe it with a microfiber cloth and it's clean!  

This is a versatile foil backsplash designed to keep your kitchen equipment looking great!  

Oil-resistant wall sticker
Oil-resistant wall sticker

🔶 Grease Resistant Kitchen Stickers : Oil resistant kitchen stickers help keep your kitchen clean by making your countertops oil tight and easy to remove spills and oils. Insulates your kitchen from stubborn oil stains. 

🔶 Waterproof and easy to clean:The adhesive paper is made of durable vinyl, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, waterproof and oil resistant, protecting the surface from erosion. It is particularly suitable for indoor use. 

🔶 Durable and high temperature resistant: Prevents water leakage under the sink and other areas. Withstands temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius that can be used for a long time and will not warp.


Simply measure the exact size of the area you want to cover, peel off this wallpaper backsplash and stick it on! The smart grid lines on the removable back of the sticker make cutting easy. 

Stylish, trendy and eye-catching, this easy-to-use backsplash will add fashionable style to your kitchen decor! Strong and durable, it will stay put and come off in a flash when you don't need it anymore!


  • Material: Aluminum foil    

  • Color : Silver

  • Width: 40 cm / 61 cm  

  • Length: 100 cm / 200 cm / 300 cm  


  •  Oil-resistant wall sticker

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