New generation electric barbecue

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Grill or barbecue indoors?  

Now you can do it with this new generation electric barbecue! It's the ingenious new way to cook and barbecue indoors without all that smoke. It features a convenient temperature dial that maintains perfect heat over the entire surface for perfect cooking every time.

Plus, this electric grill has a heated grill that allows the oils and fats needed for healthier eating to drip into a pan that cools the oils and fats, so smoke can't form. This keeps foods like bacon crisp and juicy. And with much less fat.

New generation electric barbecue
New generation electric barbecue

🔶 Ceramic Coating: The drip tray collects all the drips and grease while the high-quality ceramic coating keeps it all from burning, creating a smoke-free portable grill while allowing for mess-free cooking.

🔶 Smokeless Technology: The indoor infrared grill produces 80% less smoke than other indoor electric grills. Infrared heat is directed only to the surface of the grill, and the cooling tray traps grease and oils before they turn to smoke.

🔶 Easy to use and clean: A two-piece home grill takes less than a minute to start grilling. Simply place the grill on top, slide in the drip tray and plug in the power and the grill is ready. Cleanup is just as easy and stress-free thanks to the non-stick grill and dishwasher-safe parts.


Our electric grill cooks meats, fish, poultry and vegetables evenly using advanced infrared heating technology. With the unique infrared heating technology, heat is distributed evenly across the top of the grill. Food is guaranteed to cook evenly, with no cold spots or soft spots.


  • Material: ti-cerama

  • Color: black

  • Rated voltage: 100-240V                           

  • Power: 801W -1200W  

  • Weight: 1950g  

  • Size: 400 * 325 * 88mm  


  • 1 * New generation electric barbecue    

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