Neoprene sauna sweat vest

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Does the time spent in the sauna to burn off your excess fat make you lose time and money?  

The sauna sweat vest helps you burn more calories, which helps you achieve your slimming goals. It can burn more fat and produce more heat during your workouts.  

The vest is made with super material, comfortable and light when wearing, allows you to feel nothing inside, but feel the sweat and fat burning all over your body.   

The U-shaped chest design can help to avoid chest sagging. Wearing the vest provides abdominal compression and lumbar support, which can avoid bumps and help you build a perfect figure.  

Neoprene sauna sweat vest
Neoprene sauna sweat vest

🔶 Keep your body warm and heat up your central abdominal area, making you sweat more while performing your daily activities. This vest helps you burn belly fat, reducing your abdomen and waistline.

🔶 The breathable and lightweight material allows you to wear it anywhere. You can wear it while running or walking, you won't feel anything from the inside, but you will feel sweat and fat burning all over your body.

🔶 Compression and support - Provides light support to your muscles and higher abdominal compression and lumbar support, and helps correct posture.

The high quality design and great finish make this sauna vest powerful enough to accelerate calorie burning, allowing you to reach your slimming goals. It looks great with any combination of workout tops or can even be worn under everyday clothes.  


  • Materials: 60% neoprene, 30% polyester, 10% nylon 

  • Control level: firm  

  • Thickness: thin  

  • Function : refine the size  


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