Multifunctional sandwich press

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Do you crave paninis sandwiches or waffles ?  

The panini maker will transform more than just your breakfast table. Discover the world of sandwiches, paninis, waffles and toasted specialties with its three pairs of interchangeable baking trays - whether as a snack between meals or as a social hub in your share kitchen.

It could hardly be more convenient, as three entire appliances are hidden inside the contact grill with 750 watts of heating power: waffle maker, sandwich maker and contact grill. Simply snap on the desired aluminum hot plates via a click connection, preheat the device and you're ready to go.

Multifunctional sandwich press
Multifunctional sandwich press

🔶 Non-stick plates: non-stick coating plates are very easy to clean. They also won't break the surface of food and will keep a perfect appearance when you remove food. You don't need to add oil in the cooking process, which can reduce fat intake and stay healthy.

🔶 3-in-1 function: this waffle maker comes with waffles, paninis and sandwiches. One machine meets all your needs. For best results, we recommend flipping the waffle for baking halfway through to get a perfect brown waffle on both sides.  

🔶 Indicator light: The panini maker has an indicator light on the lid. The red light on means that the power is on. The thermostatic control is automatic, the indication goes off when the food is ready.


Prepare the sandwiches as you like, place them on the hot plates and close the lid. After only 2-3 minutes, your snack is crispy and golden brown and cooked in the middle. Making fresh waffles or perfectly cooking steaks and burgers on both sides is just as easy. And thanks to the non-stick coating, the panels are just as easy to clean after use. With its compact dimensions, the sandwich maker fits into almost any kitchen size and, thanks to the integrated cable rewind, it can be stored easily and space-savingly.  

Features :

  • Green "ready to use" indicator (green LED)

    to indicate when the required temperature has been reached


  • Red indicator (red LED) for pre-heating    

  • Non-slip rubber feet

  • Cable length : approx. 80 cm

  • Power supply : 220-240V, 50-60Hz  

  • Dimensions (closed) : approx. 24 x 10 x 25 cm (WxHxD)  

  • Dimensions (open) : approx. 24 x 28 x 25 cm (WxHxD) 

  • Plate dimensions : approx. 22.7 x 13 cm (WxD)

  • Weight : approx. 1.65 kg  

Content :

  • 1 * Multifunctional sandwich press                                                   

  • 2 * hot plates for grilling  

  • 2 * hot plates for sandwiches  

  • 2 * heating plates for waffles 

  • 1 * Instruction manual


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