Multifunctional organizer hanger

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Too many clothes and you can't put them in your closet or wardrobe?    

This multifunctional organizer hanger is a perfect tool for you!  

It is undoubtedly the most efficient solution to store your clothes, guaranteeing to save you a lot of space.It features 9 holes for hanging clothes, with a non-slip design.   

The 360 degree folding and rotating design allows you to maximize your storage space like never before, quickly becoming a staple in many homes, not only because they help with storage, but because they make finding your favorite clothes easier than ever! 

Multifunctional organizer hanger
Multifunctional organizer hanger

🔶 Space-saving support : Each hanger organizer has 9 closed slots, different from the open slots of other hangers. The closed slots effectively prevent hangers from falling off when you hang them vertically.

🔶 360 degree rotating hook : 360 degreehook to meet your different needs of different hanging angles, you can hang clothes freely as you like. Larger hook opening (4.1 cm) can fit a wider range of closet rods.

🔶 High capacity : Each cascade hanger can hold more than 9 garments horizontally or vertically. High load capacity up to 13 kg. Can also be used as a normal hanger for heavy coats, jeans or sweaters.


Compared to metal models, these multi-functional organizer hangers are lightweight and convenient. Made of reinforced PP, they are made to last, strong and sturdy enough to hang coats, shirts, dresses, pants, etc. The hanger is designed to hold a huge weight and maximize closet space.   

Features :

  • Material : PP plastic

  • Color : gray, green, pink, white, beige

  • Size : 34 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm                  

  • Weight : about 90 g  

Content :

  • 1 * Multifunctional organizer hanger

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