Multifunctional drain plug

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Are you tired of having a clogged sink ? 

The Magic Drain Plug is the answer to your sink and tub problems! No one wants to experience a clogged pipe, especially in the shower.

The multi-purpose drain plug is suitable for the kitchen sink, bathroom tub or laundry room. Soft and flexible, you can modify its shape to fit most sinks, basins, tubs and drains.

The multi-function drain plug is made from a soft silicone rubber material, creating suction when placed in the drain. It prevents hair and other objects from sliding down the drain, causing a back-up!  

Multifunctional drain plug
Multifunctional drain plug

🔶 High quality material: made of high quality TPR material, zinc-aluminum center button, strong, long life, guaranteed to last, recyclable and non-toxic, pleasant to touch and feel, effectively prevent sink leakage.

🔶 Easy to use: Press the center of the button, the rim will fold back and allow water to flow through and catch clogged items. Then press the rim to close the valve to fill your tub. You can then enjoy your cleaning in peace.

🔶 Universal size: this multi-function sink plug is suitable for any standard sewer, such as kitchen, bathroom, sink, drain, bathtubs and showers, can be used indoor or outdoor.


This drain plug can work in both the kitchen and bathroom. Soft but durable, it not only works on kitchen and bathroom sinks, but can also be used for bathtubs. You can even use them to do laundry! As a drain catcher, it prevents food waste from clogging the drain. As a drain stopper, it can seal the water and prevent it from wasting away when you wash fruits/vegetables or wash your face.


  • Material: TPR

  • Color: White, Blue, Pink, Green, Gray

  • Size: 3.6 cm * 10.5 cm  


  • 1 * Multifunctional Drain Plug     

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