Multifunction soap dish

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Don't like to have water in your soap dish? Adopt this accessory!  

With this soap dish, water flows directly into your sink. This keeps your soap dry and intact. It's mounted on your sink with powerful suction cups that have incredible grip. No more holding your soap or wasting it in a leaky soap dish.

Multifunction soap dish
Multifunction soap dish

🔶 This Soap Dish can be washed at will and is reusable. Thanks to its minimalist size, this accessory can be placed in any corner of the bathroom. It can also hold different items at the same time.

🔶 This soap dish has a bypass opening to drain water while blocking your soap from becoming completely soaked. It is also made with extra thick recyclable plastic.

The soap dish doesn't take up too much space. You can place it anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen.


  • Material: Plastic and silicone. Recyclable, durable and environmentally friendly   

  • Color: Purple, blue, brown, transparent

  • Dimensions: 12 cm x 11.5 cm x 9 cm  


  • 1 x Multi-purpose soap holder         

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