Multifunction Phone Holder

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Are you looking for a phone holder that is small enough, flexible enough, and easy enough to carry in your vehicle?

The multi-functional phone holder is compatible with any type of phone. It is designed with 360° rotation and 90° folding.

Your phone can be placed horizontally or vertically with free rotation, flexible and adequate, which meets the requirements of different perspective needs. This product will always ensure that your smartphone is in your preferred location when talking, browsing, listening to music or watching movies.

Multifunction Phone Holder
Multifunction Phone Holder

🔶 A NEW TWO-IN-ONE DESIGN: There is no magnet in this universal vented smartphone mount, which is ten times easier to use than any other magnetic car mount due to its simple and complementary design. Two conversion modes for phone mount and car mount

🔶 CAR AIR VENT PHONE HOLDER: The phone holder has an adhesive that can firmly attach to the phone to prevent it from falling off. Simple to use with one hand, easy to install on car vents in 10 seconds

🔶 MULTIFUNCTION 3 IN 1: these versatile phone holders can be held by the fingers to protect the user's phone from falling, supports the device while watching a video or serve as a car holder to hold it while using the navigation, can even be placed on the car vent.


This product is composed of zinc alloy, gear, TPU serrated clip, the internal construction of the gear is equipped with eighteen snaps, which largely ensures that the phone is in a very stable state from all angles, protect your phone from vibration or road problems. The unique design of the serrated TPU clip allows it to be mounted on the car vent for better GPS navigation.


  • Material: zinc alloy 

  • Color: black, red, blue, gold, silver

  • Suitable for all cell phone models


  • 1 * Multi-function phone holder

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