Multifunction glass and tile cutter

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Paying a professional to repair your tiles or glass costs you an arm and a leg?

With this multi-functional glass cutter, you don't have to pay a penny to a professional. It is capable of cutting glass, tile or any other material easily and effortlessly. It allows you to work on your projects in a simple and precise way.


This innovative glass cutter is a pocket knife that is as practical as it is minimalist. It has a versatile cutting function to improve the efficiency of your work. It is even capable of cutting a large sheet of glass. 

Multifunction glass and tile cutter
Multifunction glass and tile cutter

🔶 Multi-function glass cutter, capable of cutting glass and tiles, sharpening knives, being used as a bottle opener, sawing wood, etc. 

🔶 Able to easily make a straight or curved cut with its comfortable grip

🔶 Made from strong and durable material, perfect for home work. It can cut whether it is single or double glass.

With the glass cutter, you are guaranteed a clean and precise cut! No need for a heavy cutter, this tool is all you need for your DIY projects.


  • Multifunctional glass cutter

  • Oar a straight or curved glass that draws round glass.    

  • Rowing ceramic tiles, hole ceramic tiles.

  • Knife sharpening scissors, bottle opener, wood saws, paper cutter,

    steel tape, dimmer switch.

  • It is a best multi-functional tool for private life. 

  • Material: metal head and ABS handle, carbide wheel blades.

  • Size: approx. 15 x 4 cm 


  • 1 glass cutter                                                                            

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