Multi-purpose magic cleaning sponge

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Are you looking for a sponge that can clean different surfaces? This is the sponge for you!  

This magic sponge is made from high quality materials. It is therefore more durable than other ordinary sponges. You can use it to clean different types of surfaces. One pass is enough to make them clean.

Multi-purpose magic cleaning sponge
Multi-purpose magic cleaning sponge

🔶 The sponge is made with a high density sponge. This way you will enjoy a better cleaning effect. This sponge is also suitable for all types of kitchen utensils.   

🔶 To use it, just dampen the object or surface to be cleaned. You don't need to scrub very hard, as the sponge is very soft. Add a little liquid detergent or soap for a more effective effect.

It should be noted that this sponge easily cleans rust and the toughest stains on different types of surfaces. You can remove even the toughest dirt stains.


  • Material: Aluminum emery

  • Size:14 x 8 x 1,2 cm  

  • Weight : 35 g  


  • 1x Magic Sponge                   

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