Multi-position wall pull bar

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Prefer to work out at home instead of at the gym?

Turn your four walls into your own fitness studio!

Now you can exercise whenever and wherever you want. With this new multi-functional pull-up bar, you can train every muscle in your upper body. No expensive trips to the gym, no bulky fitness equipment and no drill holes. With minimal space, time and money.   

With effective exercises like the chin-up, you'll be building arm muscles. Also ideal for training chest, shoulder, back and neck muscles. Or train your abdominal muscles for the coveted chocolate bar belly. 

Multi-position wall pull bar
Multi-position wall pull bar

🔶 QUICK ASSEMBLY IN SECONDS & NO RISK OF SLIDING :The Mural Pull-Up Bar is securely attached to the door frame in seconds without drilling and turns your home into a gym. No slipping and danger of injury, as with telescopic pull-up bars, thanks to a secure attachment to the door frame.

🔶 MANY EXERCISES AND HANDLING POSITIONS : The pull-up bar allows you to do many exercises such as pull-ups with different handles (wide, narrow, chin-up, parallel), leg lifts, front lifts and much more. You can also use it on the floor for push-ups or sit-ups. The eyelet allows you to attach a training harness.

🔶 HIGHER THAN OTHER MODELS AND WON'T DAMAGE DOOR FRAMES : The pull bar handles are designed to be higher than comparable models, so you don't have to bend your legs too much. No damage to door frames or walls due to protective padding at all contact points.


This multifunctional pull-up bar is incredibly easy to use. Simply hang the heavy-duty bar in the door frame to work out. For subsequent exercises, simply place it on the floor. The soft foam covers make it easy on the hands and joints. Train effectively and with little effort - easy to do at home, even when traveling! 

Features :

  • Many types of exercises possible : pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, push-ups, etc.

  • Strong and resistant : metal structure with padded surface and handles

  • Maximum weight supported : 100 kg  

  • Composition : reinforced steel

  • Dimensions : 101 x 43 x 25,5 cm  

  • For all standard door frames from 60 to 80 cm wide and up to 17 cm thick  

Content :

  • 1 * Multi-position wall pull bar                               

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