Multi-function fruit and vegetable manual mandolin

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Tired of peeling your fruits and vegetables by hand? Preparing your salads takes time?   


This multifuction Cutter is the ideal kitchen tool to make all your preparations a success. 


This original and versatile kitchen utensil will revolutionize the way you cook! In a single movement, our Moulder Cutter allows you to cut, slice and grate all the food you need to make delicious salads and culinary preparations. 


coupe legumes
decoupe legume

🔶 Make perfect, even cuts in an instant and without the risk of injury. A single turn of the handle is equivalent to 12 slices with a knife, or a standard mandolin!

découpe légumes

🔶 With our Moulder Cutter, making salads and preparations has never been so easy!

mandoline cuisine

It comes with 3 styles of food grade stainless steel blades for 3 styles of cutting: A slicer for slicing (potatoes, onions, tomatoes for example), a coarse grater (carrots, for example), a fine grater (cheese, etc...)


  • Stability: Stable during preparation with a non-slip silicone base. 

  • Adhesion: Adheres to any type of surface thanks to its locking button,
    it allows to have a holding and adheres perfectly to the surface.

  • Easy to maintain: Cleanable with water and dishwasher safe. 

  • Easy storage: removable, and takes up very little space. 

  • Security : your fingers are never in contact with the blade while cutting.



  •  1x Multi-function fruit and vegetable manual mandolin 

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