Mirror for professional puttings

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Do you like to play golf?

Alignment for puttings is the number one cause of missed putts! 

Once the putting pro mirror is set up and properly aligned, all you have to do is check your putting lines and from the first tee, build your mental confidence.

When you position yourself in front of the mirror, you'll have a complete view from the clubhead to the top of the backswing while keeping your eyes on the ball. Learning new moves or making adjustments becomes quick and easy with instant visual feedback! 

Famous golfers use this mirror: Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, and others. For any golfer, this putting aid is an essential tool.   

Mirror for professional puttings
Mirror for professional puttings
golf putter stand

🔶 How it works: this putting practice mirror features black and red lines that are properly positioned. With these lines, you will have the correct and perfect position to make straight and accurate putts.

🔶 BenefitsYour eyes, shoulders and club will be aligned in the right position. You will definitely make better putts as soon as you use it

🔶 How to use: This mirror offers you a beneficial little workout before you start the games. Many of our customers say that 5-10 minutes is enough for your muscles to memorize the right position.

Compatibility: All golfers of all levels can use this alignment mirror to practice

Carry it wherever you go: It is a lightweight tool measuring only 32 x 14.5 cm.

It fits perfectly in any standard golf bag. 

Carry it with ease!    


  • Material : acrylic    

  • 100% brand new high quality  

  • Weight: 0.14g 

  • Use at home, office, outdoor, push rod action.  

  • Instructions:with protective film on the mirror, tear it off  before use.  


  • 1 x Mirror for professional puttings                              

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