Mini Washing Machine and Portable Dishwasher

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Washing your dishes and clothes is not an easy task?

Our ultrasonic dishwasher adopts an integrated, mini style design, which does not take up much space. The four-stage cleaning, high-frequency vibration cavitation and high-pressure waves, which it is equipped with, accelerate the dispersion and emulsification, as well as the removal of liquids and stains to achieve cleanliness.

The portable ultrasonic washing machine can wash not only some clothes, but also toys or other small items, and clean the laundry, as well as jewelry, glasses, fruits, vegetables and tea sets.

Mini Washing Machine and Portable Dishwasher
Mini Washing Machine and Portable Dishwasher

🔶 PORTABLE & COMPACT : This mini portable washing machine weighs only 350g. It is suitable for personal travel tesl as business trip or camping. It can be contained in any canvas bag.

🔶 MULTIFUNCTION : Foldable portable washing machine is convenient to use and store, suitable for light clothes and personal laundry, such as T-shirts, socks, underwear, baby clothes.

🔶 USB POWER AND ENERGY SAVING : Powered by USB cable, it allows you to use it anywhere you want. Any bucket, sink, hand wash station can use it to wash clothes and it automatically turns off after 30 minutes of standby.


The high frequency vibration cavitation accelerates the dispersion and emulsification of liquids and stains to achieve the cleaning purpose. Therefore, it is also suitable for washing vegetables, fruits and dirty dishes, it is the best choice for housewives.

Features :

  • Material : ABS

  • Dimensions : 15 * 15 * 6.5 cm

  • Input voltage : DC 5V

  • Power supply : USB charging

  • Battery capacity : 200 mAh

  • Rated voltage : DC 10V

  • Front and rear loading : 200 RPM

  • Forward rotation time : 15 sec                                    

  • Rated voltage : DC 10V

Content :

  • 1 * Mini Washing Machine and Portable Dishwasher

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