Mini portable vacuum pump

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Looking for a better way to keep your food inside the bags? 

This mini compression vacuum sealer provides a solution for food preservation, the portable vacuum sealer is undoubtedly the best way for food storage.


The portable mini vacuum sealer is powered by a USB cable which is simple and convenient to use. 

The red light is on when charging and becomes a dark light when fully charged. Made of ABS + PC material, silicone bottom, with light weight, strong and durable features, reliable for long time use.

Mini portable vacuum pump
Mini portable vacuum pump

🔶 Multiple function and wide use: The vacuum sealer supports the vacuum storage of food. It helps to keep food longer and save time and effort.

🔶 Portability and rechargeable: It is a small and lightweight product. You will be satisfied with this mini automatic compression vacuum sealer. It can be used up to 3 hours after full charge through the USB interface. It's more convenient, hassle-free on a long trip with a portable vacuum sealer.

🔶 Easy to use: It only takes a few seconds to vacuum reusable bags, zip-seal them and pump the air through the valve, then keep the food fresh. It saves you time with less effort.


Compression power is provided by powerful motor, strong suction, low noise and less heat. This vacuum and compression pump will be of great use at home and outside.

Just press the white button of an electronic pump and wait for a few seconds to vacuum automatically, then close the bag tightly. The automatic operation and multi-functionality will make your packaging tasks much more user-friendly and comfortable.  


  • Materials: ABS   

  • Color: Black/Blue

  • Dimensions: 85 x 52 mm                                              

  • Power: 4.2V  

  • Battery: 800 mAh (built-in)   

  • Net weight: 140g  


  • 1 * Mini automatic compression vacuum pump       

  • 1 *  USB charging cable  

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