Mini Portable Vacuum Packing Machine

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Need a vacuum sealer you can take anywhere?

This mini vacuum sealer is perfect for resealing food bags to keep food fresh. It uses micro-thermal technology, safely sealing in the fresh flavors, textures and nutrients of leftovers.

The professional vacuum packaging machine will easily reseal the original plastic bags so that food is no longer exposed to dust and bacteria. Keep your food in its original packaging and help preserve the planet.Mini Portable Vacuum Packing MachineMini Portable Vacuum Packing Machine

🔶Hermetic seal: create an airtight seal and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale and keep it fresh and flavorful. Also pack your cosmetics safely when you travel.

🔶 No need to preheat: Thanks to advanced technology, this mini vacuum machine is very easy to use without preheating. When you press the lid, the high-efficiency, low-loss heating film instantly reaches the sealing temperature. Place the bag to be sealed in the middle, then slide it along the edge of any bag at a slow, steady speed for a tight seal.


The plastic food bag sealer adopts advanced micro-heating technology to quickly and evenly seal the bag, effectively seal and block airborne dust. Keep all food fresh and dry. Magnetic bottom, can be adsorbed on the refrigerator or any stationary metal surface, so you will keep it handy in your kitchen.


  • Material: High quality ABS material

    Resistant to high and low temperatures.


  • Dimensions : 0*3,5*4 cm

  • Color : Blue / Pink / Yellow / Orange / Purple / White

  • Power supply : Works with 2 AA 1.5V batteries (not included)

  • Non-toxic and durable


  • 1 x Mini Portable Vacuum Packing Machine

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