Mini portable nail dryer

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Do you want your nail polish to dry faster?   

Then you must use mini nail dryer, no need to wait too long to dry them.

This mini portable LED nail dryer works perfectly with gel nail polish and regular nail polish. It is fast, comfortable and easy to use, just press the button and the nail dryer will work for 60 seconds.

The nail dryer uses low power but dries quickly, which reduces drying time by 30% and does not overheat like those that tend to do

Take it with you wherever you go! It's pocket-sized and has a micro USB port and USB line, so you can plug it directly into your laptop.

Mini portable nail dryer
Mini portable nail dryer

🔶 Fast and comfortable: It is low power but fast drying, which can reduce your drying time by 30% or overheat compared to other mini dryers. It is fast and quiet. No fan is needed.

🔶 Easy to use: There are two timing functions inside, you can press the button for a default timing of 45 seconds and press and hold the button for two to three seconds for an easy to use timing of 60 seconds.

🔶 Foldable and portable: The foldable mini dryer is very user-friendly and easy to carry. It also saves space. Its pocket size with a micro USB port and USB cable makes it ideal for constant travel.


Compared to other nail dryers, its light is closer to white light, safe for eyes and skin. The operating temperature is, moreover, very low, so you won't be hurt if you touch the LED chips. It is fashionable and durable for a life of 50000 hs, ideal for personal use and the best gift for friends.


  • Material: P.E.T  

  • Body color: white/pink

  • Power: 6 W  

  • Lifetime: approx. 50000 hours

  • Led 1 W * 6  

  • Item size: approx. 131 * 67 * 19 mm (L * W * H)

  • Item weight: approx. 56.5 g


  • 1 * Mini portable nail dryer                         

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