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Mini Notebook Holder

Mini Notebook Holder

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Do you work at home and have trouble maintaining your laptop? This accessory is for you.  

This Mini Laptop Stand holds your device in the position you want.This adjustable laptop stand is made of high quality aluminum alloy. The organic silicon in it can also provide the best protection for your device.

Mini Notebook Holder
Mini Notebook Holder

🔶 The four-point inclined plane gives you great stability. No external keyboard is required and typing is not jarring.   

🔶 The design of this stand dissipates heat and allows the stand to fit more easily on the computer. This way you avoid overheating your device.

It can be used as a stand for laptops, books, tablets, etc. You can easily work while you are lying on the bed or relaxing on the sofa. It is also very convenient to use this stand while traveling.

You can set multiple angles and the line of sight changes depending on the angle setting. This helps to correct posture, relieve neck and back pain, wrist pain and eye strain.


  • Uses: Laptop,iPad,tablet

  • Style: Portable

  • Height: Adjustable


  • 1x Mini Laptop Stand  

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