Mini manual mincer

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Would you like to be safer and save more time when slicing food in your kitchen?  

The manual chopper works very simply: just insert the food into the acrylic container, close it, pull the retractable cord about 5 times and the food is processed. The thickness of the food can be easily controlled by the number of times the cord is pulled. The more times the string is pulled, the more the food is processed.

The Mini Culinary Hand Chopper makes your life in the kitchen easier, ideal for onions and garlic, it chops easily and quickly. The rotating stainless steel knives (3 blades), activated by a cord, cut and crush food for your dishes very quickly and easily. 

Mini manual mincer
Mini manual mincer

🔶 Powerful Food Chopper/Mixer: Perfect for chopping and blending fruit and vegetable salads, chopping a variety of baby foods, chopped nuts, herbs, vegetables, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, ground meat, cheesecake, smoothie, cocktails, coleslaw, ice cream, breadcrumbs, soup and more.

🔶 Designed for perfect chopping/blending work: mixing, basting vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. A sharp stainless steel blade for even cutting, a soft comfortable handle and a non-slip base. It also features additional blending blades for efficient mixing of ingredients.

🔶 Safe to use: suitable for all kitchens, recreational vehicles, travel and camping. Made of BPA-free, food-safe plastic. Blades are hidden during use to ensure maximum safety.


This quick manual chopper will help you chop vegetables, fruits and nuts and save you a lot of time in the kitchen. By putting the food in the bowl and pulling the string once, you can chop the food 15 times. Even the onion won't make you cry. This hand chopper not only chops vegetables and fruits, but can also be used as a chopper and grinder to chop boneless meats and cottage cheese.


  • Materials: plastic + metal

  • Color: As shown   

  • Function: chopped vegetables, meat, garlic and others  

  • Size: approx. 4.92 * 3.34 inches / 12.5 * 8.5 cm  


  • 1 * manual chopper                         

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