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Mini magnetic gps black

Mini magnetic gps black

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You want to have a real time tracking of your vehicles? 

This mini GPS transmitter is made for you! 

This GPS is equipped with two powerful magnets that offer a better transmission signal. It is very useful to track your vehicles or any other personal object. You can use it to track your children. 

Mini magnetic gps black
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🔶  Black shell, easy to hide, perfect for vehicle tracking, teenagers, spouses, elderly or active people. This GPS is easy to attach to the vehicle firmly, no more installation needed.    

🔶 No additional installation is required. Compact size, this GPS can be attached On the vehicle or on the belt, or in the backpack.

You only need to insert a sim card into this transmitter and you can follow it anywhere.    


  • Type : GPS  

  • Battery capacity (mAh) : 400 mAh  

  • Battery life: 4 - 6 days without recharging

  • Weight :200g

  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 4.20 x 2.00 x 2.50 cm   


  • 1 x GPS locator                

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