Mini Drone Without Remote Control

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Your child destroys every toy they can get their hands on?

The mini-drone without remote control is built to last. Made of high quality materials. It is an easy to fly handheld drone. Just turn on the switch and gently toss it in the air. Watch it fly! Control it with your hands to fly in multiple directions. The sensors can detect obstacles automatically.Mini Drone Without Remote ControlMini Drone Without Remote Control

🔶Hovering and 360° auto-flight: the mini-drone for kids has four powerful built-in motors, which can provide power for 360° rotating flight.There is also a high altitude hovering when you fly at a certain level. If you don't operate for a few seconds, the kids handheld drone will descend slightly and hover again. If you want to stop flying, just grab the flying ball drone to flip it over.

🔶 USB portable charging: kids drones have a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, suitable for computer plugs and mobile power. They can be fully charged in 40 minutes, the battery has increased 30 mAh and can fly for 5-8 minutes. 

🔶The best gifts for boys and girls: our upgraded version of the mini drone without remote control is the best gift for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and kids day. Best for drones for kids over 3 years old, it is also a ufo drone toy for a good gift for adults to play with kids. Free replacement for one year.


1. Press the black switch button on the bottom for 2 seconds, until the hover indicator flashes green, can be activated with the switch on the remote control.

    2. Gently launch the UFO drone and let it leave your palm. The children's drone will automatically fly a distance and hover in the air. If you do not perform the operation for 3-5 seconds, the plane will descend to a certain height and fly over again.

    3. When you approach a handheld children's drone with your palm, the children's UFO drones will move in the opposite direction. When you approach the bottom of the plane with your palm, the drone will rise a certain distance and hover.

4. Hold the UFO drone with your hand and turn it over to stop flying.                 


  • Type: Autonomous quadcopter drone  

  • Control mode: Gesture detection

  • Power supply : Recharge by USB

  • Charging time : 30 min

  • Autonomy : 40-60 min

  • Weight : 80 g

  • Age: 3 years and older


  • 1 * Mini Drone without remote control

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