Mesh filter bag for washing machine

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Need to catch hair and lint in your washing machine?

 Look no further than our mesh diaper filter bag!


No more hair and lint on your freshly washed clothes!

Sac filtre en maille pour machine à laver
attrape poils machine a laver

🔶 How it works. When you machine wash, these pill filter bags trap help like hair and lint on your clothes. The pellets settle on the net so your clothes are cleaner than ever!
Very practical tool: Put the washing powder in the filter bag without any problem. The powder will be dissolved through the fine holes in the bag. The powder will be dissolved through the fine holes in the bag and foam will be produced. The undissolved powder will no longer stick to your clothes and the wash will be clean and bright!

🔶 simple and easy to use: first put the filter bags in the washing machine and let - mix them with your clothes without damaging them of course.

Guarantee: This filter bag is made from high quality polyester mesh and is durable and fully reusable.

Use our filter bag and say goodbye to pilling, dirt and hair on your beautiful clothes! 


  • Materials: Plastic, polyester

  • Color: blue, pink

  • Size: 15cm * 8cm  

  • Weight: 38g                                              


  • Mesh filter bag for washing machine

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