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Menstrual panties Set of 3

Menstrual panties Set of 3

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Do your periods often come at the most unexpected times?   

These menstrual panties are stretchy, comfortable and resistant to periods. The right way to be protected from leaks, stains and embarrassment!  

These menstrual briefs feature a 2-layer moisture-wicking technology that allows you to move freely without feeling any discomfort or leaks! The extra large absorbent and comfortable inner lining extends from front to back!  

These menstrual underwear are completely"reusable", which will help reduce the impact of harmful disposable products on our environment, not to mention the savings you'll make.  

These pantiescan hold 20 ml of menstrual fluid, which is equivalent to about two regular tampons, helping you to stay leak free during the day or night by protecting your clothes and sheets. 

Menstrual panties Set of 3
Menstrual panties Set of 3

🔶 COMPLETELY WATERPROOF: These menstrual panties are made of a two-layer waterproof fabric that can work perfectly with its absorbency to prevent menstrual fluid leakage.

🔶 MADE OF GLACIERED SILK: Menstrual briefs are super soft and breathable to fight bacteria growth, providing comfort during painful days.

🔶 TIME AND MONEY SAVING: No more washing your panties to get rid of stubborn blood stains or spending money on disposable pads, these panties can be easily washed and reused several times.


Say goodbye to those embarrassing days that ruin your mood due to an unexpectedly heavy flow of the menstrual cycle.These menstrual panties help you feel fresh and odor-free for the duration of your period.These incredible panties are stretchy and protect against discharge with 2-layer moisture-wicking technology that can absorb 20mlof menstrual fluid, protecting you from leaks, stains, and embarrassment!   


  • Material: Glazed silk

  • Type of item: panties   

  • Shape : Solid  

  • Type of elevation: high waist  

  • Features: waterproof menstrual  

  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL  


  • 3 * Menstrual panties               

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