Melon and watermelon cutting

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Do your kids love watermelons, but slicing them is a difficult task? 


Make your summer party prep quick with this watermelon slicer. 

The high-quality stainless steel blades cut even the toughest melons into 12 uniform slices in one easy motion. 

Use it to slice watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple and more for delicious, nutritious treats all summer long. 

Enjoy the goodness of seasonal fruit without having to waste precious time slicing and dicing. Turn the arduous task of slicing huge melons, pineapples and vegetables into magic with this easy-to-use, rust-free melon slicer.

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🔶 Save time: use the tools to dramatically reduce the time it takes to cut your next watermelon. Cut watermelon, melons and large fruit into even slices in seconds! They can easily be taken with you on picnics, family outings and other social events.

🔶 Dumb Uses: This watermelon cutter is designed to cut watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, lemon, orange, pear and more without a sound. These melon tools make it easier for you and your family to prepare daily portions of fruit.

🔶 Perfect, comfortable slices: The watermelon slicer is comfortable, lightweight, dishwasher safe and has a non-slip handle. It's designed so you can cut watermelon and melon slices in the perfect size and shape every time.


High-quality stainless steel blades gently slice through thick, tough melon skins. Eradicate juice on counters and keep your kitchen spotless and your hands clean, as excess juice simply collects in the rind. Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable, firm grip with sharp blades to cut melons effortlessly and minimize waste.  


  • Material : Stainless steel + ABS plastic            

  • Available sizes : 29 x 21.5 cm & 40 x 30 cm  


  • 1 * Melon and Watermelon Cutting 

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