Meat ball preparer

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Looking for a way to prepare your dumplings faster? This is what you need!  

The meatball maker allows you to easily shape 4 delicious meatballs at once. It is easy to clean and made of eco-friendly plastic. It can be used to make meatballs, fishballs, riceballs, etc.

Meat ball preparer
Meat ball preparer

🔶 Clean: your fingers won't be sticky anymore and you won't need to roll the meat in your hands. To use it, fill the boxes and press it to get meatballs pretty fast.

🔶 Easy and convenient: you can make up to 4 large stuffed or unstuffed meatballs in one sitting. This leaves you very free to do other things.

Feel free to vary the dishes and mix the flavors to have good meatballs. This utensil is easy to use and is recommended for beginners in the kitchen.

Making your meatballs just got easier. You can protect your hands and avoid rolling the meat in your hands. This tool is very practical.  


  • Sizes: 27 x 24 x 3 cm

  • Weight: 99 g 

  • Colors: red and white


  • 1 * Meatball maker 

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