Manual Metal Mass Detector

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Tired of lugging heavy metal detection tools around? 

Small and light, just like a flashlight, this device is capable of locating any metal object nearby.


It is simple to use, just point the tip of the device at the place you want to locate while pressing the black button.   It emits a sound that gets louder and faster as it gets closer to the metal.  


This metal detector is waterproof and has a flashlight, so you can use it anywhere and anytime, even at night  Manual Metal Mass Detector

Manual Metal Mass Detector

🔶 Light weight and simple operation: one-third the weight of traditional metal detectors. Equipped with an elastic plastic belt, belt sheath, and purse, easy to carry or hang to avoid falling or getting lost. One button to open for children operating independently.

🔶 Highly sensitive 360° detection: The metal detector is capable of quickly scanning large areas, then uses a precise positioning system to fine-tune and accurately locate the target before excavation. The bar probe design allows you to insert the handheld detector into the hole to be detected

🔶 Precise positioning and partial waterproof: the pin pointer helps you locate small targets accurately and quickly. In addition, the pin pointer part is waterproof, and you can even use the pin pointer to detect something in water.


This detector can perform different types of work such as finding coins, gold, silver, relics, jewelry to help you easily find treasures or missing metal objects whether indoors, outdoors, in a wall, sand, grass or soil, even in a range of temperature extremes from -35ºF (-37ºC) to 158ºF (70ºC)  


  • Battery :  9 V   

  • Alarm indication: Audio and Vibration at the same time 

  • Sensibility : ≥ 3 cm  

  • Dimensions : 20 x 3 x 3 cm  

  • Waterproofing: IP 65 level only the upper half of the tool can be immersed (about 10 cm)   


  • * Manual Metal Mass Detector (battery not included)   

  •  Case + Lanyard loop    

  •  User manual    

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