Make-up color band

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Amateur of make-up or professional in the field this accessory is made for you!    

The Makeup Cleansing Cuffis an exceptional cuff. With it, you can easily and quickly removeproducts that get stuck on your makeup brushes.  

Make-up color band
Make-up color band

🔶 Switch easily from one color to another with this armband. You can use it to put makeup on others or to put makeup on yourself.

🔶 You can use multiple colors with your brushes. To do this, you must rub your brush against the special sponge on the cuff.

By using this cuff, you don't need water or makeup remover. Your brushes are completely clean and ready to use new colors. 

Features :

  • Is made of soft and supple materials

  • Has adjustable mesh straps

  • Washes easily with warm water and soap  

Content :

  • 1 x Make-up color band         

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