Magnetic led signalling beacon

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Do you like extreme sports or hiking in the forest ?

So this magnetic LED beacon should accompany you everywhere to help you in case of emergency.

The LED light signal increases safety when needed. The 16 bright LEDs are powered by 3 AAA batteries and the housing also impresses with its robust properties.

Protected by the flexible TPR coating, the signal light is particularly durable. In addition, due to the design and the integrated seal, it is completely waterproof and buoyant. The signal light has a magnet that is slightly recessed in the housing and therefore does not leave any scratches on the bottom, and adheres reliably to all different surfaces.

Magnetic led signalling beacon
Magnetic led signalling beacon

🔶 Reliable and durable ABS materials: Made of high strength transparent engineering plastics, they are packed with TPE thermoplastic elastomer. Anti-rolling, waterproof (20 meters deep), dustproof, oil resistant, corrosion resistant.

gyrophare balise de signalisation

🔶 Easy to use: One touch controls all models, including on and off, With magnet to attach to vehicle or any magnetic metal surface.

lumineuse led avec base magnétique

🔶 Super high brightness: Equipped with 16 ultra-bright LEDs, the light can be seen up to 1km away at night and radiates outwards 360 degrees, Bring visual awareness to any venue or event.


These LED lights can be seen from far away (1.6km/"1,609.3m" at nightfall) and have many uses such as in: camping/hiking spots with SOS emergency mode and high power LED flashlight; water sports with its IP44 waterproof rating, each LED can withstand the wettest conditions; different flashing modes suitable for different emergency situations for vehicles and many more.


  • 10 different types of lighting

  • 1 bright continuous white light function

  • Housing with anti-shock rubber coating

  • Material: ABS

  • Lighting: 16 LEDs (12 red and 4 white)

  • Visibility: 360° visibility

  • Waterproofing: IP44

  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

  • Diameter: 115 mm

  • Weight: 210 g  


  • 1 * Magnetic led beacon                                   

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