Magnetic Charger for Smartphone and iPhone

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Charge your smartphone in a more ingenious way !

This charger is equipped with a luminous strip. Thanks to its circular interface, it is possible to charge your smartphone regardless of its position. The connection and disconnection of the phone at the time of charging are very easy. With this innovative mobile accessory, you will be able to charge your cell phone with ease, whether in the car, at the office, or at home.

The reversible charger's connector allows for easy and safe charging with its magnetic LED technology. In fact, this innovative technology automatically aligns the magnet charging cable in the right direction.

Magnetic Charger for Smartphone and iPhone
Magnetic Charger for Smartphone and iPhone
Magnetic Charger for Smartphone and iPhone
Magnetic Charger for Smartphone and iPhone

🔶 For added durability, the cable features a double-headed aluminum housing. The connector serves as a dust cover for the phone. So you don't have to remove it after charging.

🔶 The multi-layer protection perfectly protects the cable. It consists of a thick tapped copper core, aluminum foil, woven mesh, and a TPE outer layer.

🔶 Compatible on Android, iOS, and Type C terminals. This cable provides you with a strong and stable connection. Magnetic power, 360° blind magnetic attraction, recharging.

The core of the cable is composed of tinned copper. TPE is also one of the main components of this phone charger. Both flexible and durable, these materials are incomparably strong, which makes the cable very solid.

If you used to be very careful with your phone cable and avoid bending or fraying it, now you can even bend this cable more than 10,000 times, without any problem. When charging, you can also admire the beauty of its LED light..   

Thanks to the strong magnetic connections of the cable, the wear effect between your phone port and the cable is low. In addition, the connector can also serve as an anti-dust preventing small particles from getting into the smartphone via this charging port.


  • Voltage: 2.1 A

  • Length: 1 m 

  • Color: blanc 

  • Compatible devices : Android / iOS / C-TYPE   

  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, Light type,

    Copper core, LED light


  • 1 Magnetic Phone Charger                   

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