Magic windshield scraper

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Drive safely in winter defrost and remove snow efficiently from your vehicle!  

During the winter months, it is important to have good visibility on the road. This cone-shaped scraper is theperfect tool to clear snow, ice or frost from your windshield. Easy to use and effective, the tool is placed against the windshield and moved in a circular motion.


Note that conventional scrapers are notmore effective than this tool. 

Magic windshield scraper
Magic windshield scraper

🔶 One of the special features of this ice scraper is that it acts as both a snow plow and a scraper. As said more, to use the windshield scraper, you just have to turn it in a circle to clear a maximum of snow.

🔶 Be aware that the scraper tip is removable. To avoid splashing when you fill the washer fluid, you can use the tool as a funnel. 

🔶 With this practical and innovative scraper, you can remove a high quality of ice, snow or frost from the windshield of your vehicle, without the risk of scratching.

You can choose the color that suits you best. Made specifically in a cone shape for easy handling, this scraper will allow you to easily remove snow from your windshield.

On one end of the tool, you will find small spikes that allow you to remove snow from your vehicle with ease. It is a multifunctional tool because it is not only used to remove snow from the windshield of your car but can also be used as a funnel in everyday life.


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