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Magic roller ball toy for dogs

Magic roller ball toy for dogs

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Awaken all your dog's senses with our magic roller ball toy! 

Do you have a pet, especially a dog? Does he like to play with interactive and entertaining toys? 

Are you looking for a toy that will awaken all his senses and keep him busy and entertained? 

Our magic roller ball toy is for you!

Magic roller ball toy for dogs
Magic roller ball toy for dogs

🔶 How to use: Interactive toys are the best gifts you can give to your four-legged friends. This ball will perfectly keep your dog's attention and make them more active.   

🔶 How it works: You will see that your dog loves to run around the ball as soon as it rolls on the ground. Not only will your dog have fun, but you will enjoy it too.

🔶 Effective: Keep him entertained for hours! This ball will stimulate your dog's senses as it will make random movements. This will keep his attention for long periods of time. 


- Pushes your four-legged friend's intelligence and flair.        - Allows your dog to avoid boredom and loneliness in your absence.       

- Your dog will not be bored anymore: he will always behave normally! 

- Ideal for the growth and development of your dog.              Features:

  • Materials: plush + plastic         

  • Power :2 batteries AA  

  • Pet toy   

  • One Unique 


  • One Magic Roller Ball Toy    


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