Magic Marker Pens (Set of 8 or 12)

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Do your kids love to draw?

Magic marker pens give creative craft projects a little something! Whether for kids or adults: carefree fun for all. Not only can you paint and write on conventional paper, but also on glass, acrylics and other surfaces - they're true all-rounders!

The selection of bright metallic colors allows you to create unique designs and fonts in no time. The pens can be used to paint beautiful pictures, write birthday cards, and create your own DIY projects.

Magic Marker Pens (Set of 8 or 12)
Magic Marker Pens (Set of 8 or 12)

🔶Safe to use: The pen body is round and comfortable to hold. The eight-color flash pen is made of opaque ink with a special formula. It contains small and fine particles, is safe, tasteless, acid-free and environmentally friendly.

🔶 Unique function: our 8 color marker has a unique automatic double line function. It can draw two pens at the same time. The design is slanted and writes lines from 1 to 4mm. The coverage is very good. It can express your creativity and improve the work without staining or oozing paper.

🔶Durable tip: The dual-line contour pen is specially designed with a wear-resistant, pressure-resistant beveled tip that allows for smooth and easy writing across the page.


Glitter markers are made from highly pigmented, acid-free, non-toxic water-based ink that is safe for children. The glitter is made from biodegradable cellulose film, which is harmless to the environment. This will make your handiwork very fun and easy, no matter if you are creating your own unique scrapbook, pop-up photo box, photo album or Christmas/birthday thank you cards.


  • Pack : 8 Pieces / 12 Pieces                       

  • Materials: PVC, PP

  • Pen size: 13.5 cm


  • 1 x Magic Marker Pens (8 or 12 pieces)

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