Luminous handbag

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Are you looking for the perfect bag to complete your flashy look?  

This unique colorful chain handbag will make you stand out in any venue.

Keep it light and watch as you turn heads as it reflects any light and glows with purple, blue and green hues. It's a unique conversation starter!

Designed with the popular geometric sparkle pattern, you'll dress up any outfit and showcase your photos with this color changing handbag. It's designed to carry all your essentials in the lightest, most comfortable way possible. The detachable chain that comes with it gives you freedom of movement and the choice to wear it however you want.

Luminous handbag
Luminous handbag

🔶 Reflective Flash: This holographic handbag offers different colors from different angles. When the flash light hits it, it changes color and the fun geometric fabric and beautiful colors are definitely noticed.   

🔶 High quality materials:The handbag is made to meet all your needs. It is a waterproof handbag and the fabric touches very well, perfect for travel, walking, gym, shopping, school, office. It is perfectly sturdy to support the weight of your accessories.

🔶 Geometric Cutting Grid: This handbag is designed with a geometric cutting grid, which makes it wrinkle-free and shape changeable and easy to carry.


This handbag is made of high quality composite artificial leather and eco-friendly leather fabric with special surface. The color of the bag is close to dark gray in normal light, but when the background light of the bag is different from the light of your position, you will see the different colors.


  • Size in cm : 18 Height / 28 Width / 7 Depth  

  • Material: Leather   

  • Delivered with detachable chain  

  • Designed with the popular Luxshe geometric shine pattern  


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