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Lumbar belt

Lumbar belt

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Are you a frequent victim of back pain? Do you suffer from herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis or other spinal conditions?

This belt relieves the pain you feel in your spine. It uses spinal decompression technology to ensure an effective result.

Lumbar belt
Lumbar belt

🔶 This technology has only been available to professionals. It is now available at home. Do not hesitate to try it. This belt is very effective.

🔶 This belt also stabilizes the lower back. As a result, you get a straight back. Your muscles are less stiff and painful.

This belt works on aspinal decompressiontherapyrelieves your pain in a natural way. It exerts pressure on your vertebrae. You will observe an immediate result and the pain disappears after a few days.


  • Material: leather

  • Color: Beige

  • Size: Length of the traction strap: 130 cm

  • Before Inflation Width: 13cm

  • After Inflation Width:  20 cm  

  • Length of the extension strap: 25.0 cm  


  • 1x Lumbar Belt       

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