Locksmith tools to open all locks

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You have trouble opening the lock of your house?  Are you looking for a good technique to easily open all the doors in your house?

This accessory is for you!

You can easily open all kinds of locks. For example, you can open tumbler locks or pin locks. This is also the case for various keyed padlocks. All in a few seconds. 

Locksmith tools to open all locks
Locksmith tools to open all locks

🔶 This tool is perfect for people who work in the locksmith field. This way, they can avoid manually opening these locks while working.  

🔶 Very easy to use, this accessory is suitable even for beginners! It can be quickly inserted into a lock. You can activate it easily with a quick trigger. 

It has a built-in spring that can easily catch all kinds of locks. Use this tool on different types of locks.


  • Easy to use  

  • Design similar to a pocket knife            

  • Very resistant to rust and stains  


  • 1 * Locksmith tools to open all locks  

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