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Litter scoop for cats

Litter scoop for cats

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Replacing the sand in your cat's litter box has become a real ordeal?

Everyone who loves cats loves living with them, but cleaning the litter box is another story. This litter scoop is probably the ultimate solution to save you from more chores.


Made from lightweight, easy-to-clean zinc metal, it's perfect for home and professional use, no matter how many cats you have. The scoop effectively removes feces and filters clean kernels back into the bin. 

It is certainly the ideal accessory for the well-being and cleanliness of your cat!    

Litter scoop for cats
Litter scoop for cats

🔶 The design of the mesh working like a sieve prevents small dirty pieces from passing through, but ensures clean reusable sands fall out.      

🔶 Made of high quality metal, it is extremely durable, resistant to deformation and in addition, extremely lightweight.

🔶 Easy to clean, the smooth surface with epoxy resin coating makes it corrosion resistant.

The litter scoop has a particularly ergonomic design. Despite its large size, it can get into the smallest corners of the litter box. It is comfortable to hold and offers an easy grip thanks to its practical design that balances the center of gravity towards the wrist.


  • Material: Metal  

  • Weight: about 236 g 

  • Size: 15.5 x 5.8 x 33.5 cm  


  • 1 cat litter scoop

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