Lifting and moving strap for furniture

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Do you want to move your furniture and boxes more easily? This strap will help you.    

Adopt this Furniture Removal Strap to move your items more easily. It is now easier for you to move heavy and bulky furniture without fear of back pain. You will also be able to protect them better during transportation

Lifting and moving strap for furniture
Lifting and moving strap for furniture

🔶 This strap is ideal for transporting bulky furniture as well as small flower pots or pallets. The straps use leverage to help you move your furniture and boxes.   

🔶 These straps are suitable for carrying heavy things, but also bulky. They distribute all the weight of the objects on the whole body.

These straps fit all sizes. You can use them to carry your furniture and help you move, saving money by not hiring movers. The length of the strap is 2.7 M and the width is 5 cm. It is ideal for moving all sizes of objects.

This ergonomic strap provides you with the proper lifting technique to easily lift the mattress, piano or refrigerator.

Features :

  • Length : 285cm  

Content :

  • Set of 2 Straps 

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