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You like to watch TV but your eyes get tired quickly?

This LED TV strip light reduces eye strain, adds perceived picture clarity and will give your TV a good glow at night.

Change the light color behind the TV to match the mood and make the movie more enjoyable to watch or play. This LED strip light with remote control is widely used for home decoration, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, architectural decorative lighting, store mood lighting. Widely used for backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting, emergency security lighting, advertising sign lighting, decorative lights for vacations, events, exhibitions.


🔶 Protect Your Eyes: Watching TV in the dark forces the eyes to constantly adjust between a bright screen and a dark surrounding area. These backlit TVs elevate the surrounding light, reducing eye strain caused by differences in picture brightness, creating a nice slanting light as you watch TV.

🔶Music mode: Spectrum with light and color automatically adjusting according to the ambient sound, LED lights synchronize with the music. The light strip is suitable for all kinds of music, including slow and relaxing tunes and dance music.

🔶 Safe to use: 5V operating voltage and equipped with short circuit protection and memory function. Waterproof, very low temperature and safe to use.


This ambient lighting adds ambient backlighting effects to the computer or laptop that compliment the video content on the screen. An ambient lighting kit dynamically adjusts elements such as color and brightness to create a more immersive multimedia experience.     

Our LED lights can be placed in places where traditional bulbs are not suitable. Like under desks, monitors, beds and behind televisions. 16 million color combinations and a 50,000 hour life span make the possibilities endless. The only limit is your imagination. For best results, it is recommended to install it so that you only see the reflection and not the actual light.


  • Type Of Item: Splicing

  • Voltage : 5v

Contents of the package:

  • 1 * LED strip (UK Plug)

  • 1 * Softbox

  • 1 USB cable

  • 1 * Controller

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