LED light strip with remote control

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Add a bright touch to your personal items with this LED strip!

This LED strip will be theoriginal touch to your multimedia accessories! This ultra thin strip illuminates your keyboards and other devices. Its installation is very easy. It adapts to all shapes and sizes of your accessories.

LED light strip with remote control
LED light strip with remote control

🔶 It is easy to use.

Just plug it in and stick it on the parts of your choice. Be sure to apply the tape to a clean and disinfected area.  

🔶 Available in different colors, this LED strip light is red, green, blue or RGB.

A remote control is also provided with this LED strip light. It offers 44 features to regulate the intensity and brightness. 

You can choose from 3 sizes: 5 meters, 10 meters or even 15 meters.

Place the LED strip behind your TV or decorative pieces to bring a futuristic touch to your home. 


  • Power : 12 Volts  

  • Water resistant: yes  

  • Average life (hours): 5000 hours   

  • Type of connection : DC  


  • 1 * Light strip

  • 1 * Remote control                         

  • 1 * Power cable

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