Led car tail light

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Do you want to improve your safety on the road? Equip yourself with this LED light!  

Improve your safety by installing these universal LED tail lights. Your vehicle will also have a unique look that is distinguished and classy.

Led car tail light
Led car tail light

🔶 These tail lights are made with 48 pieces of high power and high illumination LED chips. It offers you excellent energy saving.

🔶 By cleaning it regularly, you'll be able to reuse it many, many times and you'll experience incredible comfort: you won't feel it and you can even have lunch with it!

These universal LED tail lights will also improve your night vision. They light up brighter than your ordinary tail lights while consuming less power. They are also more economical and save your battery.

These universal LED tail lights offer strong light intensity and save a lot of energy for your car. You won't have to roll down your windows to reverse your car.


  • Light source: 3030

  • Color temperature: 6000 k

  • Number of lights: 24smd


  • 1x Led Tail Light Set           

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