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Laser Stone Thrower

Laser Stone Thrower

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Are you looking for an original and ultra accurate stone thrower?

Whether you're a professional slinger or an adventure enthusiast, this elastic laser rock thrower is sure to amaze you. It is durable and comfortable to use. This slingshot is a great addition to any shooter's collection.

It is equipped with a laser that allows you to aim more clearly at the target at night. With a non-slip, curved handle for an easy and comfortable grip.

lance pierre laser
lance pierre avec viseur laser
lance pierre puissant avec viseur laser

🔶 UNIQUE DESIGN : It is equipped with a laser that can improve your accuracy. It is equipped with a night light that allows you to aim at the target more clearly at night. 

🔶 QUALITY SLAY THROWER : Stainless steel slingshot with 1mm thick elastic bands for strength. A lighter frame that can be used for a long time without getting tired.

🔶 COMMODITE : This original slingshot is designed to offer you more convenience with its simple operation, quick installation and portable size. It can pass the security check at the airport.


This slingshot is suitable for use in a variety of environments. It can be used in many areas including attention training, entertainment, competitions and hunting. It is also perfect for collections and gifts.

Features :

  • Slingshot material : Polycarbonate resin

  • Color : As pictured

  • Height : 114mm

Content :

  • 1 * Slingshot  

  • 1 * Rubber band                                          

  • 1 * Laser sight 

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