Laser Meter

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Are you looking for an accurate fast and multifunctional measuring device?  

The 3-in-1 tape measure that can measure any surface!

This laser tape measure is the new innovative way to measure faster, easier and more efficiently! Don't limit yourself to thin metal tapes that can only measure straight surfaces.

This laser meter has 3 different measuring modes to give you the most accurate results. The roll mode can measure any curved surface or irregularly shaped objects by simply rolling the attached wheel along the length or distance! It's so easy you can do it with one hand!

Laser Meter
Laser Meter

🔶 DIGITAL MEASURING TAPE: Take the guesswork out of your measurements, this 3-in-1 tape measure features an accurate and easy-to-read LED digital display. It's perfect for measuring rooms, furniture, work projects and more.

🔶 3 IN 1 DESIGN: this laser meter has3 different modes. Roller mode for curved surfaces or irregular objects, flexible cord mode for measuring around objects, and laser mode for long, hard to reach areas!

🔶 MAGNETIC HOOK: The measuring tape with fractions is large and sturdy. The magnetic and double "wall" hook makes it easier for you to measure things with one person. You can see this tape measure very convenient when working alone.


Don't guess your measurements, the laser tape measure is equipped with an accurate and easy to read digital LED display! The meter is made of a sturdy and durable construction material to handle any project. It is perfect for work or home! Measuring with this tape measure is so accurate that it measures 1/100th of an inch! You don't need to be an expert contractor to get the best results, the 3-in-1 Laser Ruler does all the work for you! 


  • Materials: steel, plastic, rubber, nylon wire, glass and copper

  • Display mode: Digital LED display

  • Measuring scale: 1/100th of an inch

  • Power supply: 4 batteries (not included)

  • Measuring modes: laser mode, rope mode, roll mode


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