Waterproof night vision binoculars for hunting

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Need a pair of waterproof binoculars for your hunting days? Try our waterproof night vision binoculars for hunting! 

Do you enjoy bird watching? Do you hunt or sail? 

Or do you just want to enjoy nature? 

Our high-powered night vision binoculars are for you! 

Try them, you won't be disappointed!  

Waterproof night vision binoculars for hunting
Waterproof night vision binoculars for hunting

🔶 How it works: Waterproof coating that allows you to observe in all weather conditions. Advanced night vision levels that allow you to look in the dark.

🔶 How to use: With the 10X zoom, observe everything from a wider angle. Excellent transmittance thanks to its FMC lens. You will view everything with perfect image at any time of the day.

🔶 How to use: Hold it firmly with its non-slip side grip in all weather conditions. Perfect for hunting, bird watching, traveling, concerts, sightseeing and more! Use them day or night.

Compatibility: People often think that night vision has a green filter like in the movies; but this is a misunderstanding. 

In reality, night vision is sometimes called an image intensifier. In the dark, they take the small amount of light available and amplify it. 

This process allows our eyes to see the nighttime environment. 

Through the front lens, night vision devices accumulate surrounding light such as starlight, moonlight or near infrared light. 

The military uses night vision binoculars as well as thermal vision binoculars. 

The big difference between these two types of vision is that in a room totally devoid of light, you can't see anything with the night vision device while the opposite is true with the thermal vision one.


  • Color : Black   

  • Weight : 250 g 

  • Size : 105 x 115 x 35 mm    


  • Binoculars 

  • Protective Case  

  • Manual User                      

  • Cleaning cloth  

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