Intelligent windshield cover for cars

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Winter is coming. Want to say goodbye to ice and snow on your car windshield? 

This windshield cover works like a car snow shield and is compatible with most vehicle models. This amazing product protects you from the damaging effects of the weather. This windshield cover is made of a durable four-layer fabric, it is super resistant to dust, sun, frost and fire.

No need to freeze your hands and hurt yourself when your car is covered with a thick layer of snow, just remove it.  

This smart windshield cover is lightweight but strong. You can easily fold it into our storage bag in the trunk or back of your vehicle. And it will be the wisest windshield cover for all weather conditions.  

Intelligent windshield cover for cars
Intelligent windshield cover for cars

🔶 WATERPROOF DESIGN: The new windshield cover is made of ultra thick material and 100% waterproof. The car snow cover is undoubtedly the best windshield cover for winter.

🔶SUNSHADE COVER: As a sunshade protector, the windshade cover can perfectly block the sun, providing you with a cool driving environment and protecting the upholstery of your car.

🔶 FALL PROTECTION: This windshield freeze cover can prevent leaves, bird droppings, dust and other objects that have fallen on the windshield from entering or getting stuck in the gaps between the windshield and the hood.


Thanks to its double-sided design, this windshield cover is suitable for all weather conditions. In spring, it can block dust. In summer, it will offer you better protection from the sun, UV and keep your car cool. In the fall, our car windshield cover can keep fallen leaves away. And in the winter, it keeps snow, ice and frost away from your windshield and prevents your windshield wipers from being crushed or frozen by snow.


  • Size: Fits most vehicles with measurements of approximately 190 cm x 70 cm

  • Dimensions: 190 cm * 70 cm / 146 cm * 70 cm

  • Color: One side silver, one side black

  • Characteristics : Anti-UV protection

  • Use: Front and rear windshields of cars


  • 1 * Smart car windshield cover                                                                                

  • 2 * Suction cups    

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