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Ingrown toenail clippers

Ingrown toenail clippers

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Are ingrown toenails bothering you? Then this nail clipper is the ideal solution for you.


When the edges of your nails grow into your skin, ingrown toenails appear. Usually, it is the big toes that are often affected but don't worry, you can treat them very well with this special ingrown toenail clipper.


Suitable for all cases such as nail fungus, healthy nails, ingrown toenails, thick nails, aging or damage, this nail clipper is sharp and durable and is especially ideal for clipping thick nails and accessing difficult places.   Ingrown toenail clippers

Ingrown toenail clippers

🔶 For cutting the toughest nails, its stainless steel blade is strong and sharp. With its curved blade, it cuts with precision from the smallest to the largest nails while avoiding to touch the flesh.

🔶 It cleans the nails very well and lifts the ingrown part of the skin. For the left and right foot, the rounded ends of the nipper make no distinction.

🔶 One of the best nail clippers for ingrown and thick nails, the nipper is designed to make trimming nails of all sizes easier and helps treat nail fungus.

This product is a complement to the vegetable oils for cuticles and nails. Its precision-made blade makes your manicures and pedicures faster and more effective.


With its unique handle covered with an exclusive anti-slip material and created by very resistant polymers, it offers a better ease of execution. 


  • Application: Fingers, toes                  

  • Size: 9.5*4.5cm  

  • Material: Stainless steel  


  • 1 * Nail clippers for ingrown feet  

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