Ingenious surveillance camera

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Do you want to improve the safety of your home? This surveillance camera is made for you!     

The ingenious Surveillance Camera allows you to monitor your home remotely. This compact device allows you to record all images simultaneously. 

ingenious Surveillance Camera

🔶 The ingenious Surveillance Camera can connect via the Internet network of your home or workplace. You can thus access your videos, regardless of your geographical location.

🔶 It has an intuitive app compatible for iOS and Android, and allows you to stream videos in real time. The camera is therefore very convenient to monitor your home when you are on the move. 

This camera has the "Smart Track" function which allows to record an image in activity. It can then follow any object in motion while offering clear images and quality. It also sends you alerts in real time of the activities it records.  


  • Secure and reliable Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity using the YCC365 app 

  • Integrated Wi-Fi band supports 2.4 GHz frequency in 802.11 b  

  • Integrated Wi-Fi band supports 2.4 GHz frequency in 802.11 b  


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