Inflatable Travel Cushion

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Do you also think that sleeping on a plane is not a pleasure?  

This modern and comfortable travel pillow will definitely change the way you travel. 

It has a unique design that will help you relax and enjoy a deep sleep. It is made from ultra soft materials that can provide the ultimate comfort.

You can easily inflate these travel pillows with a few breaths of air, and release the air at the touch of a button. 

Inflatable Travel Cushion
Inflatable Travel Cushion

🔶 Only premium materials: this inflatable travel pillow is made of 100% soft PVC fabric and transmits a jasmine scent that does not harm the skin. 

🔶 Ergonomic: can be easily inflated with a few puffs of air, and release the air with the push of a button. No leakage problems like other inflatable products. 

🔶 Portable travel pillow: once deflated, it can fold into a small storage bag and can be easily attached to luggage.

Patented ergonomic design

The portable travel pillow facilitates blood circulation and relieves fatigue. It is more comfortable than the traditional neck pillow. With full head and neck support, you won't have stiffness and pain in your neck or shoulders

This uniquely designed soft fabric travel pillow allows you to relax and travel comfortably in a natural forward position, it also offers you the ability to watch movies or play games on your phone inside the pillow.


  • Size: 37 x 35 x 51 cm  

  • Filling: Air  

  • Material: ecological PVC coating  

  • Thickness: 0.55 mm after flocking  

  • Color: blue, black, gray, purple


  • 1 Inflatable cushion                        

  • 1  Storage bag       

  • 1 User's manual  

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