Indoor socks with extra warm fleece

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Tired of cold and uncomfortable feet during the winter?  These socks are the solution to your problems. 

Keep your feet warm with these Extra Warm Fleece Indoor Socks. Made of wool, these socks effectively keep your feet warm. They are made of a soft fabric and are comfortable to wear. You feel like you are walking barefoot.  

Indoor socks with extra warm fleece
Indoor socks with extra warm fleece

🔶 The socks are made of a stretchy fabric and can be rolled up at the bottom. They improve blood circulation when worn at night. These comfortable socks make for a great night's sleep.

🔶 UA thick wool layer keeps your feet warm. It is very soft and comfortable and makes you feel comfortable at all times.Choose from different patterns available. You will have socks that match your style. 


  • Fabric: fleece 

  • Size: Stretch sock 

  • Colors: Gray / Orange / Blue / Pink / Purple


  • 1 x Extra Warm Fleece Indoor Socks 

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