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Want to keep the inside of your car clean while carrying your bike?    

Capture all that dirt in this revolutionary, stretchy, machine washable bike cover. It helps you keep your parts and floors clean without ever messing up the outside dirt.  

The bike cover is made of high quality polyester and spandex, which is super elastic and the stretched length is about 149 cm. No matter what size tires you have on your bike, this cover fits perfectly, it is suitable for most bikes such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, racing bikes or any other type of bikes.

Bicycle cover
Bicycle cover

🔶 MACHINE WASHABLE AND DURABLE COLORS :When the cover is dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine and wash it at 30 - 40°C (80 - 100°F) or less. We promise the colors won't fade - wash your cover after every flight if you like!

🔶 FAST DIRTY AND MOISTURE ABSORPTION :The bike cover absorbs dirt or water quickly, which means the floor, walls and anywhere won't get wet with dirt. Come home after a rainy ride, you will find that this bike cover works well.

🔶 CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE DESIGN : This bike cover is easy to use, store and disassemble, with no zippers or clips stuck on the bike parts, so you can put it on the bike. The simple design makes this bike cover easy to access for teenagers and seniors.


These bike covers are used for long-term storage and management of the bike and also help to protect them from scratches, sunlight, rust and oxidation. Bike covers are usually applied to protect the floor and interior walls, prevent your house, apartment, office, car or other space from getting dirty.  

Features :

  • Material : Elastic polyester fabric 

  • One Size : Designed to fit 99% of adult bikes  

  • Cleaning method : Machine washable  

Content :

  • 1 * Bicycle cover             

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